A Difference Maker

I am a guy that has hunted and killed whitetail deer since the age of 12. This means that I am getting old with 47 years of deer hunting under my belt, but I am hoping for many more. I guess you could say people think of me mainly as a turkey guy but my first love in hunting is DEER! I hunt whitetail bucks in my mind 12 months of the year. I will admit that the older I get the more set in my ways I am. I have been grunt calling bucks before grunt calls were available. I firmly believe that if you are going to hunt whitetail bucks bring your grunt call and it will stack the odds in your favor.

Deer Thugs Trigger Style Snort WheezeIn the last few years there is another rage in deer hunting and that is the snort wheeze. I was skeptical to say the least, although I have heard them used in the midwest and Texas, I have never heard one used in my home state of New York. The few calls I have tried had no volume and I feel when a buck is in the rut mode you have to make some kind of loud noise to get his attention.

We were having a new product brain storm meeting and I do come up with some off the wall stuff at times when it hit me. Let’s try an air can snort wheeze. With the right nozzle on it I bet we could get great volume and make it real sounding. This was the birth of our new Whoop Gas call. This call is a triggered air can with the proper nozzle to produce the snort wheeze. The other guys were pretty skeptical but I rigged a couple prototypes and headed to Illinois and Kansas.

The first morning of my hunt there were bucks all over me. The tenth one I saw that morning was at 50 yards behind me working a scrape. I wanted this one so I grunted. He looked hard and went back to the scrape. I was scrambling now and grabbed the Whoop Gas. I did one series with my hand cupped over the end to keep the volume in check. The hair on his back rose immediately and he stared in my direction. I gave him one more series and he started my way stopping and staring at about 25 yards behind a snag. As luck would have it, a doe and fawn came over the hill above the buck and his attention immediately switched to the doe. I grunted and snort wheezed in desperation to try to get his focus back on me, but he turned and went up the hill after the doe and fawn. I figured it was over but gained a bunch of confidence in the new snort wheeze call. Ten minutes later from the hill behind me the same doe & fawn must have got tired of the buck harassing them and they walked right under me. Guess who followed? I arrowed him at 10 steps. He wasn't a monster but a good 138” 10-point!

I was there for another 6 days and did want to kill a couple does! This would be perfect for the testing of the Whoop Gas snort wheeze call. I tried this call when I saw a buck and when I did not see a buck and the results were amazing. One buck that I did not see till I called came in from a long way and he actually snort wheezed back to me 5 times. I had a few bucks that would snort wheeze back and many of them came into bow range, some big ones, some small. They all came to the call ready for action, hair standing up on their backs. I was convinced that this call was a winner and had not even got to Kansas yet.

In Kansas it started the same as Illinois. The first morning a good buck comes in behind me and tears a bush apart and makes a scrape. I want him so I grunt. He looks, then continues working the scrape. I snort wheeze and his hair stands up and he starts to come. Next thing I know I hear a snort wheeze past where the buck I want is. A big one horned buck, hair up is coming hard to the other buck and when he gets to him all hell breaks loose. It was the best buck fight I have ever witnessed. They were actually at times on their bellies, dust flying, making verbal noises. They fought till they went out of sight and my Kansas trip was starting off great. During that week I called in a number of bucks via grunt and snort Wheeze calls. I had a couple snort wheeze back and this confirmed again that this call was a winner.

Deer Thugs Trigger Style Snort WheezeLast fall 2011 I again hunted Illinois and Kansas, still with Whoop Gas prototypes. The bucks started out a little lethargic in Illinois but heated up after a few days. I killed a good buck directly due to the Whoop gas out of the same tree that I had killed the 138” buck from the year before. They looked like brothers. In Kansas I had a number of bucks come in to grunt calls and snort wheeze calls but nothing I wanted to shoot.

Now we have a production run of Whoop Gas calls and I am a firm believer in using this call. I never thought there would be a day that I would value a call as much as one of my grunt calls, but that day has arrived. I believe that the volume you can get out of the Whoop Gas is the major reason this will be one deadly call in your arsenal. Take it from me and don’t leave home without it!

Ernie Calandrelli