Quaker Girl: Calls with a Feminine Touch

Chad Hodge, Quaker Boy Pro Staffer

Quaker GirlQuaker Boy Game Calls is proud to announce the creation of the Quaker Girl line of turkey and deer calls. This line is designed specifically with female hunters in mind to give them a little personal touch to their own calls. The products are made with the same craftsmanship and quality as our original Quaker Boy calls and they have the same fantastic sound.

The main difference in these calls are the pink accents and lettering, that designate these calls as part of the Quaker Girl line. The pink color does more than just make these calls look great, it also serves as a reminder that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of of each of these calls will go to fund Breast Cancer Research, a cause we can all stand behind.

The Quaker Girl line is patterned after some of our best turkey and deer calls and also includes a cool deer antler mounting kit that features pink felt on it. Included in the Quaker Girl turkey line are a box call and a push-pin call. These are perfect for teaching new callers and for more advanced callers there is a Triple Threat friction call and also Mini Mag mouth calls that can be purchased in sets or individually. These Mini-Mag calls are cut smaller for a perfect fit in smaller framed mouths.

In addition to the Quaker Girl Antler Mounting Kit there is The Brawler grunt call, which is one of the most revolutionary grunt calls ever made, and the Bleat in Heat can type call, which sets the standard in ease of use and results.

These calls  are perfect for setting up the female hunter with her own calls that will bring in the wariest of turkeys and the smartest of bucks, all while giving a unique look and attitude to her own equipment.
In the past, the female hunter had to settle for clothes that were not made for her body and guns or bows that left much to be desired in fit. Recently this has been addressed due to the increasing participation of female hunters.

Now, thanks to the Quaker Girl line of calls, her gear can be well rounded and complete, so she can concentrate on the challenge of bringing in the trophy without having to compromise in her equipment and support a very worthwhile cause!