Foam Fit Mini-Mag 3 Pack ™
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Tone- Light to Med Rasp
Layers- OBH Lite 2, Checkmate 2 1/2, Double Slash 2 1/2
Thickness- 0.003
1st Cut- OBH Lite Side Slits, Checkmate checkmark cut, Dbl Slash 2 center slits

The Foam Fit Mini Mag 3-Pack is an assortment of mini frame calls which incorporate a 20% smaller frame with a patent pending cushion tape material. This creates a perfect fit for hunters with a small palate. The pack assortment includes the Checkmate call that produces a medium to heavy rasp sound. The Double Slash call offers a heavy rasp sound, while the Old Boss Hen Lite creates a light to medium rasp sound. A perfect combination for your spring turkey hunting needs.

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