Turkey THUGS 4 Pack™
item #: 99105


Tone- Light to Heavy Rasp
Layers- Bubba 2, Maestro 3 1/2, Swamper 3 1/2, Sniper 3 1/2
Thickness- Bubba .004, Maestro, Swamper, Sniper .003
1st Cut- Bubba- Side Slits, Maestro-Notch, Swamper- Inverted V Slits, Sniper- Notch
2nd Cut- Sniper- Angled Slit off Notch
The Turkey THUGS 4-Pack are four very versatile calls and are the THUGS personal favorites! These calls range from light soft rasp to aggressive heavy rasp. Four deadly calls in one convenient package.

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