Waterproof Combo ™
item #: 15503


– Waterproof
– 2 – Calls
– Stainless Steel Spring
– CD

The Waterproof Combo is the most diverse, easy to use one-two punch ever created for turkey hunters. A must have item in every turkey hunters vest, the waterproof H20 Easy Yelper, is now offered in our waterproofed pack. Teamed with the waterproof Hurricane, this two call set is a must have for all turkey hunters. Each call is treated with a synthetic material that makes the call waterproof under any hunting conditions. Complete with the Born To Hunt Volume 2 DVD which includes 19 incredible hunts from across the country. Combo includes: Hurricane waterproof box call, Waterproof H20 Easy Yelper and Born to Hunt Volume II DVD!

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