Wildwood Striker Series Tunable Padauk and Tunable Flared Tip Hickory


The Wildwood Striker Series of Tunable Padauk & Tunable Flared Tip Hickory will add many more hens to your calling arsenal. Both of these strikers can be shortened or lengthened by simply twisting, pulling or pushing until you reach your desired length that is best suited for your style of calling. These strikers work well on all calling surfaces and will reproduce yelps, cuts, purrs, whines, cackles, clucks and putts of the wild turkey. The Paduak Wildwood Striker is a very wild exotic wood that that will be slightly mellower than the hard dense wood of the Flared Tip Hickory Wildwood striker. The Flared tip on the Wildwood Hickory striker will give you more surface area or grip on the calling surface. The Hickory is also a very loud striker that will reach out to get that gobbler to respond at great distances.

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