Jessica Hodge

HI! I’m just your average wife, mother, college student, and full time employee trying to get by in this crazy, hectic world we live in!! I live in central Florida with my husband Chad and our two kids, Faith and Carver. Though born and raised in central Florida I never had the opportunity to explore the world of hunting until I was 18 years old. My first glimpse into the hunting lifestyle was when I met my future husband and he opened my eyes to a whole new world that I knew existed but never participated in. And you know what? I really loved it! I started out shooting in archery competition and it took off from there. Though I have a VERY busy schedule, like most moms and wives, I always try and make time to go out into the woods each season with my husband and very soon with our daughter and then eventually with our son.

My goal is to help other women, who have an interest in the outdoors and have busy lives like mine, succeed in the field while hunting. I am proud to represent Quaker Boy because they share the same family values that I do. Their calls are easy for a beginner to learn and use and great for the seasoned hunter! I invite other female hunters to follow me on instagram or stop by one of our pre-season events where I’ll be available to help with anything from selecting the right gear, to tips and tricks to make your hunt more enjoyable!