Joe Antonacci

Joe lives and mainly hunts in Missouri, home to some monster Whitetails and a thriving Eastern turkey population. He has been archery hunting for more than 35 years, harvesting over forty deer during his time in the woods. Joe also shares a passion for calling and hunting turkeys, predators, birds, and training bird dogs. April and early May are dedicated times to chase after turkeys, with thundering gobbles still sending chills up and down one’s spine. Fresh and saltwater fishing take up the majority of his hobby time during the months of June through August. When September rolls around, he spends time exploring new deer and turkey hunting properties and opportunities in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Joe joined the Pro Staff of as an outdoor writer in October, 2012.   Joe  is “in a tree” anywhere from 30 to 40 days annually, spending time in the woods with his son and hunting companion, Tom, as they partner on several hunting properties. His full time job is as a Regional Sales Manager covering the MidWest Region. This has afforded great opportunities to meet other hunters and share their turkey, deer, and predator hunting stories. Joe has been a Quaker Boy customer and proponent for over ten years before joining the Quaker Boy Pro Staff. He believes in the performance of their products and is a firsthand witness to their effectiveness.  Joe has a very understanding wife of 18 years (as all hunters that are married do), two daughters and a son. He enjoys meeting and hunting with a very diverse group of hunters from all different walks of life. He loves the camaraderie developed among hunters, as it provides insight into such different perspectives of life, as well as the awesome hunting experience.  Because the team at Quaker Boy continually strives to deliver the highest performing calls on the market today, he is proud to represent the Quaker Boy.