Kasey Ferguson

Despite growing up in the country, I never did much in the outdoors other than fish in our farm ponds and ride four wheelers. Growing up, my whole world revolved around cheerleading, dance and pageants. I was a competitive cheerleader and dancer, homecoming queen and a pageant regular. I wasn’t against hunting, I just never went. My dad didn’t hunt, therefore I didn’t hunt. That all changed when I met the love of my life, Jeff Ferguson, in September, 2001. He told me up front that his passion was hunting and he wasn’t going to miss it for “some girl.” I decided to go hunting with him after he selflessly showed up to a couple of cheerleading practices and helped me coach the kids. The adrenaline that I felt as I watched him shoot a doe with a bow was unmatched. No cheerleading trophy, scholarship, tiara, or any other honor paralleled what I felt that morning. Jeff said he knew that I was “the one” after I helped track the doe and grabbed one leg to help drag her out without being asked.

In 2002, my late friend Danny Stephens helped me purchase my rifle, a Remington .243 and I later shot my first buck. It was an awesome and unforgettable experience especially since I shared it with Jeff. The treestand was our spot. None the less, Jeff proposed in 2003 in a treestand. We were married in October 2004 and honeymooned in Wyoming and shot two beautiful whitetail honeymoon bucks. I’ve been in love with Jeff and hunting for 13 years now and my passion for both of them continue to grow. We now have been blessed with two beautiful little girls who share the same passion for the outdoors. We are determined to plant the seed of the love of Jesus Christ in children’s heart and lives along with the knowledge of conservation and hunting. We have shared countless memories and lots of laughs that have all begun in the outdoors. It is a part of who we are. Our family is known for the family that hunts and that makes me proud.