Rusty Peace

An avid hunter for more than 40 years, Rusty has hunted and fished Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania and South Carolina since he was old enough to shoulder a gun and cast a line. Although he has pursued many species over the past four decades, his life-long passion has been hunting big whitetails. His pursuit of these animals quickly became an obsession that has produced numerous bruisers while helping him to evolve into a year-round student of the game.

Shortly after joining Quaker Boy in February of 2014, Rusty teamed up with his fellow pro staff members in an effort to help the everyday hunter by utilizing strategies and ideas from his pro staff brethren by producing those ideas into weekly hunting tip which is here on our website. These hunting tips are specifically designed to help the hunter increase his or her odds of success when pursuing their game of choice.

In addition to his passion for hunting, Rusty is also involved with a local non-profit organization whose goal is to raise money to buy clothes and toys for the underprivileged children of Southeast Kentucky, Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia during the Christmas season. Rusty was a part of the Mossy Oak Gamekeepers Pro Staff from 2015 until 2017 and was named Gamekeeper National Pro Staff Member of the year in 2016.

Other ventures in which Rusty has been involved in the outdoor industry include having served as owner-writer and host of an outdoor website focused on hunting and fishing, helping to organize outdoor expos in upper East Tennessee, and serving as video editor and co-producer of a locally marketed grouse hunting video.