Stuart Sommers

Having begun my outdoor adventures along the famous Chesapeake Bay and spending the last 40 years living in Garrett County of Western Maryland, I have been very fortunate. As a young boy growing up my Dad made sure that my older brother and I had many opportunities to hunt. We spent countless hours chasing rabbits, squirrels, bobwhite quail, ducks, Canada geese and then deer. We fished for striped bass (rockfish), trot lined for # 1 Jimmy blue claw crabs, dug clams and even did some tonging for blue points. It was truly a dream that built the foundation of who I am today. I now live in Garrett County, MD with my wife of 30 years and my grown son and daughter. My passions are spring gobbler huntin’ along the rugged ridges, grunting in those ol’ mountain bucks and flushing up grouse behind a close working German shorthair or English setter. I have been involved with our local NWTF chapter for many years, organizing banquets, Jakes events and calling seminars. I am also committed to the youth hunters, donating several hunts each spring and fall to give back a little of what I received as a young boy.