Raspy Pro Pack ™
item #: 11314


Tone- Med to Heavy Rasp
Layers- Checkmate 2 1/2, Cutter Mag 3 1/2, Jagged Edge 2 1/2
Thickness- Checkmate .003, Cutter Mag .004, Jagged Edge .003
1st Cut- Checkmate-Checkmark cut, Cutter Mag- Notch cut, Jagged Edge-Pointed Teeth

The Raspy Pro Pack is a three pack that triples your odds when it comes to calling in that old gobbler. It features one of each of the following raspy mouth calls in the standard tape design: the Checkmate that produces medium to heavy rasp, the Cutter Magnum that produces medium to heavy rasp, and the Jagged Edge that produces heavy rasp.

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