SealRite Elk Combo Pack


  • Cushion Frame Technology
  • Increased call Vibration Zone
  • 3-Call Pack – SR Snow Cap, SR Alpine, SR Timberline

This 3-call pack is a must for the serious elk Hunter. The patented Seal Rite cushioned frame technology conforms to virtually every palate size and shape. Seal Rite increases the call vibration zone between your tongue and palate, bringing the reeds closer to your tongue for ease of use. The design eliminates the tab to tongue contact point, resulting in a clean operation platform. The result, a superior sealing call that is easier to achieve unmatched realistic Elk killing sounds.

The SR-Snow Cap is meticulously crafted of one .004 latex reed. The SR-Snow Cap is set loose making it capable of performing the soft mews and chirps of cow & calf Elk.

The SR-Alpine is meticulously crafted of two .004 latex reeds. The SR-Alpine is set tight! Making it capable of performing the bull elk bugle with two octaves or the high pitch excited mews squeals and chirps of cow & calf Elk.

The SR-Timberline is meticulously crafted of three .004 latex reeds. The stability of a triple reed set tight is unmatched; The SR-Timberline will bull elk bugle with 3 octaves and great volume. The SR-Timberline will also reproduce the mews, chirps and barks of cow & calf Elk.

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