Sitting Woody ™


  • Reproduce the chatter of a sitting Wood Duck
  • Flexible rubber tube for easy tone change

The Sitting Woody Duck Call, after years of research has been specifically developed to reproduce the sounds of sitting Wood Ducks, hens and drakes alike. This call is designed to create a Wood Duck sitting on the water or perched on a downed limb feeding and relaxed. The sitting Wood Duck sounds are the best calls to use while trying to lure Woody’s to your position. This call will produce the drake wheeze, flying squeal and alarm squeal of all Wood Ducks. This call has a flexible rubber tube barrel to add realism to your calling. Leave the barrel wide open and you will get maximum sound distance. The more you mash the barrel down, the quieter the call will be for that close in work while the Woody’s are flying over head or sitting on the water near you.

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